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The Best Electric Toothbrush – Don’t Pay For Marketing Gimmicks

In this article I will discuss why we need to brush our teeth and why it is better to use an electric toothbrush  than a regular toothbrush. I will discuss the features that are important for an electric toothbrush to have and the features that are just gimmicks designed to further lighten your wallet.  I hope that once you have read this article you will agree with me that the best electric toothbrush to buy is the Oral B Professional 1000.

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Xylitol for teeth. Good for Your Teeth and for Losing Weight


Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is gaining popularity as an ingredient to fight tooth decay. Xylitol is commonly found in sugar-free gums because not only does it prevent dental cavities, it actually helps reverse the tooth decay process. If that wasn’t enough for you, if xylitol is used to cook with instead of sugar, it will result in weight loss due to the much lower calories it contains. After reading this article, you’ll not only understand why dentists recommend xylitol for teeth, but also how xylitol will help you lose weight. Continue reading