Best Ways To Whiten Teeth At Home

best ways to whiten teeth at home

If you are on this page you likely want to avoid expensive dentist visits to whiten your teeth. Unfortunately, this is still the most effective way to whiten your teeth. But don’t despair as there are other options out there that are almost as good. In my opinion here are the best ways to whiten your teeth at home from most effective to least effective.

1.Custom whitening trays

best ways to whiten teeth at homeUntil recently this option required going to the dentist. The first thing the dentist needs to do to make a custom whitening tray is to make molds of your teeth. The custom whitening trays are then made on top of the molds of your teeth in a dental laboratory.

Now there are businesses on the internet that will send the material for you to make the molds yourself and then you send the molds back to them through the post. After a few days you get the custom whitening trays in the post along with the whitening bleach.

The great thing about using these online teeth whitening options is you only pay about a fifth of what you would be charged by the dentist! If you take good care of the whitening trays you can use them again as well. You can also get the whitening gels online cheaply when you run out of the gel that was sent with your custom whitening trays.

I believe the teeth whitening results from this option are practically as good as what I can achieve as a dentist.

The least expensive source I have found for online custom whitening trays is on amazon. Click here to see for yourself!

2.Whitening toothpastes 

best ways to whiten teeth at home

Photo credit: Jose Conejo Saenz,

I have to be honest, when I was at dental school we were told the whitening toothpastes are useless and a total waste of money. I believed that to be true until quite recently when I used one of these products for myself.

My partner bought home a tooth whitening toothpaste that contained no peroxide and after brushing with it, my teeth were noticeably whiter. These toothpastes work by being quite abrasive and scrubbing the surface staining off the teeth.

I have also read in a journal that the peroxide containing toothpastes do have a mild, yet detectable whitening effect over time. I personally don’t think the peroxide containing toothpastes have strong enough peroxide and aren’t in the mouth long enough to be effective. But perhaps little by little they will whiten your teeth gradually.

Personally I would recommend a whitening toothpaste that works by surface abrasion rather than using peroxide or other chemicals for people who have surface staining from things like smoking and regular wine consumption. If the underlying color of the tooth is discolored as opposed to the surface of the tooth being stained, then I would choose a peroxide toothpaste and be patient as any improvement will take a long time.

3.Other options


There are other options for whitening your teeth touted on the market such as brushing with activated charcoal, wiping strawberries on your teeth and brushing peroxide on your teeth, but I believe they are ineffective or dangerous, so won’t waste your time discussing them in this article. I will update this page should I discover something that changes my mind!

To summarize, in my opinion by far the best way to whiten teeth at home is with  custom whitening trays. If you are a smoker and have a lot of surface staining you might want to give one of the whitening toothpastes designed for smokers a go. I personally found that type of toothpaste surprisingly effective on my own teeth and I’m not even a smoker!


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11 thoughts on “Best Ways To Whiten Teeth At Home

  1. Keyur

    Hi David,

    Very informative Website regarding Dental especially i like the whitening techniques it does save money rather than visiting dental care doctor. Keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Danielll

    Hello – I’ve found that the whitening gel (exact brand name escapes me now) that is usually priced around $7 – $8 and often comes with rubber trays… I never used the trays but would simply brush a little on my teeth and smile for 5-minutes waiting for the chemical to whiten… Do this a couple times a day and in a couple days, my smile would light up the room… People would often comment as well, “OMG, your teeth are so white” – “I K N O W !!” – You have to refrain from consuming liquids that re-stain your teeth to keep the effect… Best wishes from Danielll

    1. David

      That’s great that you have had such good results Danielll! There are enzymes in saliva that break down the whitening gel and make it ineffective after only seconds to minutes. By smiling for 5 minutes you are keeping the saliva away from the gel and it will work longer. Very smart!

      I suspect you will get even better results if you use a custom made tray. That will prevent the saliva from deactivating the gel for hours!


  3. David

    So Clean! What a nice theme atmosphere for a medical blog. I just had a root canal last week so this immediately caught my attention. Thanks for the insights.

    1. David

      Hi David
      Thanks for the feedback. Hope you are doing well after the root canal. Bet it wasn’t as bad as you thought right?


  4. Andre Kish

    Hello – I’m a smoker and was recommended to use bicarbonate of Soda.

    Since I actually have very little idea of what’s best I’ve used smoker’s toothpastes with a touch of bicarb. Would you know if that’s a bad idea or a good idea?

    Looking through the whitening methods here, and not liking dentists because of jaw damage I’ve had in the past (shattered my lower jawbone in an accident years ago), has made me wonder if bicarb is wise since you don’t mention it at all and now my inner alarm bells are ringing.

    Will I annihilate my teeth with bicarb + smoker’s toothpastes. Hope you don’t mind me asking but it seems kind of relevant.

    Thanks for this info either way – Andre

    1. David

      Hi Andre
      Great question! Yes, bicarbonate of soda will work at removing the stains. However, it is very abrasive and can damage the enamel on your teeth. As long as you don’t use it too often though you can use it without any obvious damage to your teeth. If you start noticing a groove being worn into the teeth next to the gum, then I would stop using it. Actually, this is true for any toothpaste that is recommended for removing stains in smokers, because they all are very abrasive. If you click this link you can see some pictures of what severe cases of tooth abrasion looks like.

      Let me know how you get on


  5. John

    What brand or tooth paste product do you recommend for the whitening. You stated you purchased one with no peroxide, ones with little peroxide will work. I think that as a non smoker I can whiten my teeth with simple brushing, what are the top three toothpaste for this?

    1. David Post author

      Hi John
      Personally, I get the best results from the White Glo toothpaste brand. It is the only whitening toothpaste that I have noticed makes a difference on me. They have a few options, but the one I recommend the most is the White Glo Smokers Formula Whitening Toothpaste. I am not a smoker, but still use this one because it works so well. The other great thing about this toothpaste is that it only costs a few dollars. I have heard good things about Crest 3D White Luxe. Both White Glo and the Crest 3D White Luxe work by abrasively removing stains. I personally think that is the best way to whiten but if you prefer to use a toothpaste that bleaches them white, then I would recommend Colgate Optic White Platinum Toothpaste because this won’t be abrasive and has a decent amount of the active ingredient, peroxide in it.
      Let me know how you get on.

  6. Dawn

    I’ve starting using a whitening toothpaste that is non fluoride. It is from the Now company and it does a really great job of keeping the teeth clean as well as white or stain free. There aren’t any strong chemicals in this toothpaste that will help someone see results overnight, but with consistent use you will notice the results.
    This is a great article with some good information on whitening teeth.


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